Thank You

Thank you for booking your photo shoot with me. I’m excited and looking forward to working with you and making you feel as beautiful as you are! 

Please fill out my Client Questionnaire (below) so that i can be sure all your wants, needs, and concerns are met as we plan your shoot.

Thank you again for booking your photo shoot with me. We are going to have fun!


Client Questionnaire

Client Questionnaire


Please be completely honest as you answer the questions in this questionnaire. If you are not completely honest with yourself, you won't get everything you can out of and thoroughly enjoy this amazing experience. You must answer any question with a red *. Although you are not required to answer any question without a red *, the more questions you answer the better I can meet your wants, needs, and concerns as we plan your photo shoot. Why do I need your address, phone number and email address? I realize that if you booked your photo shoot through my booking form, you already entered your phone number and email address. But sometimes photo shoots are booked in other ways. So I ask you for this information just in case I don't already have it. As for your address, although I like to deliver your products in person, there may be times when I need to ship them to you instead. So those are the reasons I need your contact information.

Legal Questions

I require all clients to sign a model release/contract. I can provide the release/contract in advance upon request for review, however, you will sign it at the shoot.
I only work with people who are at least 18 years old.

Shoot Specific Questions

Select all that are may apply.
Select all that apply.
Select all that apply. However, the location we agree upon may not have all selected settings. As such, it may be necessary to change the setting once the location is agreed upon.
Not all locations listed above are suitable for boudoir shoots. Boudoir shoot locations will be as secluded and discreet as possible, but with any outdoor location there is the possibility of passerbys. There may be entry fees to some locations.
Select any that apply.
Select all that apply.
Select all that you are interested in. Please note, I may not offer all of these products, but I am interested in what you would like.
Talk about areas of your body that you think might look bad (such as chin, neck, arms, stomach, etc.). Talk about insecurities you might have. You can even talk about being uncomfortable shooting with a male photographer. Tell me about any concerns you might have so that we can discuss them in advance of your shoot.
So that I can set up music and/or playlists in advance of your shoot.
Not required, but answering will help me learn what elements of the setting you might like. This can be anything: poses, lighting, setting, clothing, hair, makeup, props, location. etc.
Feel free to add any ideas you have about your shoot that couldn't be included in any other question.

Contact Information

Street Address
Apt #, Unit #, Suite #
Required so that we can mail you the products you ordered.
In case I need to contact you directly.
So I can send you appointment reminders and the shoot checklist.