Trade Artistic Nude Photography Session

Besides boudoir photography and related genres, I also shoot for Suicide Girls and your Patreon pages (and mine). This is a trade for print photography session. We will shoot an even number of sets,  with 1 outfit and setting per set.

Professional Makeup

Professional makeup provided on location (indoor locations only) by Beauty Studio, Inc. This is an optional add-on service.

Hand selected, trained artists with a 5-star reputation. They are excellent in their trade and will assure you look fabulous for your shoot.

Top level artists with the highest level of experience. These artists are the best in their field with a stellar reputation, as well as celebrity clientele. These artists can assure you look your best for your shoot.

Full face makeup application customized to your style preference (natural, dramatic, natural & sexy, dramatic & sexy). Includes faux lashes free.

Full face makeup application with airbrush primer/foundation incorporated to your style preference (natural, dramatic, natural & sexy, dramatic & sexy). Sets makeup to be waterproof and last up to 16 hours. Includes faux lashes free.

Professional Hair Styling

Professional hair styling provided on location (indoor locations only) by Beauty Studio, Inc. This is an optional add-on service

Round brush blowout with volume

Performed on dry hair. Select curls or flat iron style.

Select 1/2 up style, full up style, or braided.

Besides boudoir photography and related genres, I have shot sets for Suicide Girls, Patreon, and other pay for content websites. This is a modified trade for print photography session. There is no time limit. We will book a large time block. During the time block, we will shoot an even number of sets. Each set may have a different outfit, theme, and/or setting. After we finish shooting, I will spend some time to quickly cull out the unusable photos and apply basic edits to the rest. Once that’s done, we will review the photos together. We each select sets in an alternating fashion: you select a set you want, then I select a set I want, then you, then me, until all sets are chosen. Finally, you may choose up to 60 photos, you would like to have edited. Keep in mind that if you want to submit the set to Suicide Girls, you must select a minimum of 40 photos. While I retain copyrights to all photos, you can submit your sets to Suicide Girls, use them on your Patreon page, or some other pay for content site, such as ManyVids, OnlyFans, or your own website. You can even create merchandise out of the photos if you wish. I can use the sets I selected for my Patreon page, other pay for content sites, or sell them on site such as Bent Box. Photos from our respective sets may be used for online or print publications, but we must notify the other prior to submission for approval (I’m not likely to say know, I just want to know before submission.).

Session Highlights

  • 3 Hour Session Time
  • Minimum 2 Hours of Shoot Time
  • Add Additional 1-Hour Time Blocks (as needed – at checkout or on location6)
  • Up to 5 People Can Participate
  • Your Choice of Location (Ideas)2
  • Same Number of Outfits & Settings as Sets Shot1
  • Same Day Photo Viewing and Selection
  • 40 – 60 high resolution (300 dpi), edited photos, with light beauty retouching, for each outfit/setting3
  • On Location Professional Makeup Service Extra4
  • On Location Professional Hair Styling Extra4


1 We will shoot an even number of sets. A different outfit may be worn for each set shot. Each set can be shot in a different area of the location.
2 Multiple settings may not apply at outdoor locations.
3 Hotel or Airbnb. I cover indoor location rental fees. Outdoor location fees, when charged, are usually nominal and paid by client and/or me.
4 Available for download after final edits, within 30 days. You will be emailed your exclusive, private download link(s) when the photos are ready. You will be notified if delivery will be delayed, as soon as the delay is known by me.
5 Indoor locations only. Makeup and hair styling services are an extra $125 USD each. Also, makeup and hair styling services take 1.5 hours. If you desire hair and makeup services, please book 4 hours, minimum.
6 It’s better that you add additional blocks of time at checkout rather than on location as I might be booked for another session after your scheduled session.

Please be sure to review all of my photo shoot policies before booking your shoot. It is your responsibility to understand my policies and ask any questions before booking. Failure to read or understand my photo shoot policies does not allow you to bend my rules to your preference before, during or after the shoot.

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