Photoshoot Location Ideas

Need ideas for your next photoshoot? Well, I have a few for you.


Below are several outdoor locations I’d like to shoot at. Some I have already, but want to return and shoot with models. And there are a couple that I’ve shot at with models, but have no problem shooting there again.

Neon Museum

Photographers can rent time at the Neon Museum to take photographs among the discarded neon signs. I’ve read that it costs $500 or more per half hour. Even so, I think it would be a great place to shoot with a model. If you’d like to shoot with me at the Neon Museum, book a shoot here. Please note that the cost of a Neon Museum shoot will be more than the price for a shoot at other locations due to the high location fee ($500 per 1/2 hour, I think) at the Neon Museum.

Neon Museum | Las Vegas, NV | Photo Courtesy of Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas Strip @ Tropicana

There is an area in front of the Tropicana Hotel & Casino that gets very little foot traffic. It faces the Las Vegas Strip and depending upon the angle of the shot, the MGM Grand, New York, New York or Excalibur Hotels can be in the background. I’d love to shoot here at night. My idea includes some long exposure shots to get light trails from the cars driving along Las Vegas Blvd. and Tropicana Ave. Want to shoot with me? Book your shoot here. Other nice spots to shoot in this are are in front of the MGM Lion, outside New York, New York, outside of Excalibur, outside of Luxor among the Egyptian statues, and on the pedestrian bridges that cross Las Vegas Blvd. and Tropicana Blvd.

Tropicana Hotel & Casino | Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Strip @ Flamingo

Another great Las Vegas Strip location. Bellagio Fountains, Arc du Triomphe and Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas, statues and fountains at Caesar’s Palace. Plus Planet Hollywood and City Center (Cosmopolitan, Vdara, etc.), and the High Roller are nearby too.

Bellagio Fountains | Eiffel Tower | Bally’s | High Roller | Paris Las Vegas | Spectacularly Lit Up ! Las Vegas | Nevada

International Car Forest of the Last Church

This is such a cool location in Goldfield, Nevada, which is about a 3 hour drive north of Las Vegas. There are a variety of vehicles with cool street art to use as backgrounds. And at night there’s the Milky Way to use as a background as well. I want to do some shoots with models at night using using glow sticks to illuminate vehicles. Models can use glow sticks and sparklers to make light trails. And I’ll use white light and UV light (black light) flashlights and other battery powered portable lighting to briefly illuminate the scene, while allowing the colors from the glow sticks and sparklers come through… and, the Milky Way too. Who thinks this would be cool? Sign up for a spring shoot now!

This is my favorite piece of street art painted on the vehicles at the International Car Forest of the Last Church, Goldfield, Nevada

Rhyolite, Nevada & The Goldwell Open Air Museum

There are so many cool backgrounds to shoot against at night, including the Milky Way. There are the Ghosts of the Last Supper and Ghost Rider sculptures, an old abandoned truck, numerous abandoned buildings, Lady Desert: Venus of Nevada cinder block sculpture, Tribute to Shorty Harris statue, Chained to the Earth stone artwork, Icara wood artwork, Sit Here! a giant ceramic tile covered sofa, an old caboose, an old water or fuel tank, and an abandoned, stripped car. Sit Here! would make for a very cool boudoir or artistic nude shoot. Like my idea for shooting at the International Car Forest of the Last Church in Goldfield, Nevada, I want to do some shoots at night, using glow sticks, sparklers, white light and UV light (black light) flashlights, and battery powered portable lighting to illuminate the model and scene. Wouldn’t this be a cool shoot? Book a spring shoot today!

Abandoned Flatbed Truck & Landscape | Rhyolite | NevadaNevada

Downtown Las Vegas & The Arts District

Fremont Street, Arts District, Container Park… these are just a few awesome places to shoot in downtown Las Vegas. There is so much street art to use as backdrops too. And the art changes every so often. I recently shoot with Damsel Doll in the Arts District, but why not book your own shoot in downtown Las Vegas? The photos below are a couple of years old. Some of the artwork has changed recently, but they are likely just as awesome.

Love Forever | Damsel Doll | Downtown Las Vegas Arts District | Love Forever is my favorite piece of street art in the Arts District

Rock-A-Hoola Abandoned Waterpark

Also known as the Lake Delores Waterpark. This place would be an awesome place to shoot at sunrise, sunset or nighttime. It would be perfect for a swimsuit shoot. Let’s book a spring swimsuit shoot!

Rock-A-Hoola Abandoned Waterpark – Courtesy

Valley of Fire

I shot landscape and sunrise photos here in November 2017 while I was on vacation. But I’d love to shoot here with a model sometime sunrise, sunset or evening photoshoots.  Several areas are closed after dark, but I think the Beehives, Arch Rock and Elephant Rock are all open at night, as well as plenty of other unnamed sites. Like Rhyolite and the International Car Forest of the Last Church in Goldfield, NV, I’ll use glow sticks, sparklers, white light and UV light (black light) flashlights, and battery powered portable lighting to light up the model and scene. Book a shoot at Valley of Fire today.

Beehives | Valley of Fire State Park | Nevada

Red Rock Canyon

Lots of photographers and models shoot here, but even so, I’d like to as well. Sunrise or sunset would be best, but that also depends upon the season. Red Rock Canyon opens at 6:00 AM and closes at dusk. Book your Red Rock Canyon shoot.

Sunrise | Red Rock Canyon | Las Vegas | Nevada

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

This is popular spot for engagement photos, primarily at the grassy, park-like area. But there are plenty of other good places to shoot at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. This would also be a day shoot as the park opens around 7:00 AM and closes around dusk. Book a Spring Mountain Ranch State Park shoot.

Ash Grove | Spring Mountain Ranch State Park | Nevada

Cathedral Gorge State Park

I’ve yet to visit Cathedral Gorge State Park, but I plan to sometime in 2018. from the photos I’ve seen, I think there are some great photo spots. It’s open 24 hours so a night shoot is certainly possible here. Book a Cathedral Gorge State Park shoot.

Courtesy of Nevada State Parks & @chrisjbfoto

Great Basin National Park

This is another place I’ve yet to visit but it’s on my 2018 photoshoot radar. It’s accessible 24 hours with campgrounds, so a night shoot is possible here too. Why not book a shoot at Great Basin National Park?

Stella Lake & Wheeler Peak | Great Basin National Park | Nevada | Photo Courtesy Two NErDs Travel

Clark County Wetlands Park

There are several nice locations within the Clark County Wetlands Park to shoot: Boardwalk Pond, Vern’s Pond & Island, Wildlife Blind, Upper Pond, West Upper Pond, West Lower Pond, Cottonwood Grove, Goodding’s Willow Grove and a burn site. We can shoot here anytime between sunrise and dusk as Clark County Wetlands Park closes at dusk. Let’s shoot at Clark County Wetlands Park.

Boardwalk Pond | Clark County Wetlands Park | Las Vegas | Nevada

Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs

I always forget about Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs. It seems like it’s far away, but it’s not. It’s in the northwest part of Las Vegas. I recently shot some landscape and wildlife photos there. But, like with all these locations, I would love to shoot with models here too. There are four small lakes and plentiful scenic views to use as backgrounds. There’s also the Fossil Beds further north. Photoshoots here will have to be daytime shoots as it closes around dusk. It’s a popular family park, so anything risque is out. Book a shoot at Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs.

Fall Foliage – Cottonwood & Ash Trees | Floyd Lamb Park | Las Vegas | Nevada

Big Dune

Big Dune is located in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, about 29 miles south of Beatty, Nevada. I’ve driven past Big Dune several times on my way to other shoot locations. It will make a perfect location for a shoot idea I have. I want to shoot a Rey (from Star Wars: The Force Awakens) cosplay set here. Anyone want to put together a Rey cosplay and shoot with me at Big Dune? Or maybe a Spaceballs cosplay? If you have an off road vehicle, we could do a shoot about that too. Book it now!

Big Dune | Amargosa Valley | Nevada | Photo Courtesy TravelNevada

El Dorado Canyon – Nelson, Nevada

Nelson, Nevada is an interesting place to shoot. It’s filled with vintage items, old vehicles, abandoned building, and even two mock plane crashes. It’s private property, but they allow photoshoots for a very small fee. I’d love to do some photoshoots here; however, anything risque is not allowed. Take a look at the photos below. Then book a shoot with me.

Car in the Garage | Eldorado Canyon Mine | Nelson | Nevada


There is no shortage of indoor locations for photoshoots: hotel rooms and suites, Airbnbs, private homes, professional studios. I’ve heard that the Gold Strike Hotel & Casino and the Stratosphere have relatively inexpensive rooms. Of course, we could get a suite at one of the Strip hotels (the ones at Paris Las Vegas are nice). Palms Place and Signature Suites are nice. Of course, with Airbnbs and private homes, you also get a backyard to shoot in, and some may have swimming pools, hot tubs, and/or Jacuzzis, and other cool settings (like pool tables). Professional studios may have a variety of sets, or furniture to create our own set. Let me know what your indoor photoshoot idea is and book it today!

Wrapping It Up

Those are some places I’d love to shoot; not only landscapes, but also with models. Why don’t you book a shoot with me for one of these locations?

Have a location that you think would be a great place for a photoshoot? Let me know in the comments below. Then book your shoot there.

Can’t Come To Las Vegas?

I can travel all over Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Southern California for shoots. I’ll consider points further away like Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho and Northern California especially if multiple photoshoots can be booked. Please note that fees for these photoshoots may be be higher than my posted fees to cover some or all of my travel expenses.

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