Holiday Photo Cards

Please be sure to review all of my photoshoot policies prior to booking your shoot. It is your responsibility to understand my policies and ask any questions prior to booking. Failure to read or understand my photoshoot policies does not allow you to bend my rules to your preference.

Send your family and friends a personalized holiday photo card instead of a generic holiday greeting card.

Individuals , couples, families, and, yes, pets at an indoor or outdoor location of your choice. Photoshoot location suggestions are available on this page. Location fees, if required, not included.

Includes one box of 20 matte finish 4×8 flat cards with envelopes, which will be ordered and mailed after the shoot upon photo and card style selection. Order additional cards at the regular price in my online shop.

  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Price: $100
  • Maximum Number of People/Pets: No Limit