One item that has been a minor point of contention between models and me is photograph compensation. This is my policy regarding photograph compensation.

TFP Shoots

For TFP shoots you will receive the following:

  • All photos that I process in my own style without watermarks. You may use these for publication as long as I am notified and agree to in advance submission for publication, to which publications, and the estimated publication date. I would like a copy of the publication once it is published so please provide me with information on how to obtain a copy. Tearsheets are acceptable.
  • All photos that I process in my own style with watermarks. I prefer these to be used for promoting your modeling business, including posting to your portfolio, model profile sites, such as Model Mayhem, and social media sites.

Model Paid Shoots

If I am paying you, the model, for the privilege to photograph you, I am not obligated to provide you with any photographs. That does not mean that I won’t give you a few photographs to use for promoting yourself on your model profiles, portfolio, and/or social media site. It just means that I don’t have to give you any photographs. Being nice and easy to work with will usually result in a few free photographs to use for promotional purposes. If you insist on getting photographs, are difficult to work with, etc., I won’t be giving you any free photographs from the photoshoot.

I’ve researched this and asked models about their expectations for photographs when they are getting paid for the session, and the consensus among seasoned models is that they do not expect photographs and a fee, but they like it when photographers give them a few photographs anyway.

If you want free photographs, we can work that out when negotiating the photoshoot agreement. But generally speaking, if I am paying you, I’m not inclined or obligated to give you photographs. If you want photographs included with a shoot for which I pay you, you may want to reduce your hourly rate, or consider a TFP shoot.

You always have the option to purchase digital prints from me.

Photographer Paid Shoots

Of course, this is my preferred compensation. If you, the model, are paying me for the shoot, you will receive a number of downloadable digital photographs without watermarks (and perhaps with watermarks too). Your price and the number of photographs depends upon the photoshoot package purchased.

What You Will Not Receive

Regardless of whether it is a TFP shoot, model paid shoot, or photographer paid shoot, you will not receive any of the following:

  • RAW files for any photos*
  • Unedited photos in jpg format*
  • Any photo that
    • is out of focus
    • is poorly composed and/or framed
    • is severely under- or over exposed
    • has excessive noise (grain)

* These items are never given freely, however you may purchase photos in these formats individually or in bulk. Please contact me for RAW or unedited photo purchases.