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The Secret of a Boudoir Shoot


William Gentry | Boudoir Photographer

Hi! My name is William. Let me tell you a little secret about an amazing thing that happens during a boudoir shoot…

My clients start seeing themselves in a different light. They transform right before my eyes. 

It starts when they see themselves after the professional makeup and hair styling services they receive as part of the boudoir shoot. They look amazing, and they start to feel it. Then I show them one of the first photos, straight from the back of the camera; no editing, no retouching, as shot. Some can’t believe that’s them. Some squeal with delight. Some shed tears of joy. It’s the moment they begin to believe they are beautiful

By the end of the photo shoot, they all exhibit the same thing… highly enhanced self confidence. It’s revealed by a spring in their step, extra sparkle in their eyes, the strut in their walk. They stand a little straighter, a little taller. Their smile is wider. They exude joy. Self confidence is bursting from the seams.

That’s what happens during and after a boudoir shoot. It’s truly life changing. That’s my gift to each and every one of my clients.

And it all starts with an investment in themselves, stepping outside of their comfort zone, and seeing themselves through someone else’s eyes (and lens)… mine.

I’ve been photographing things since I was in high school. That was a long time ago. I shoot anything that’s interesting: landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, wildlife, the night sky, and more. But by far, my most favorite subject to shoot is people. Whether it’s a boudoir shoot, a fashion/glamour shoot, a cosplay shoot, a swimwear shoot, a casual wear shoot, or a themed shoot, it’s so much fun. Even the planning, finding a suitable location, helping my client choose outfits, and more are fun.

But I recently learned that I find the boudoir shoot extremely rewarding. While my clients gain immeasurable gains in self confidence (and some pretty awesome artwork for themselves and their partners), I get a profound sense of satisfaction in giving them the experience that leads to their newly discovered confidence.

Experience it for yourself. Schedule your boudoir shoot today.

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