You can click any photo to view a larger image, view some EXIF data, a description of the photo (if available), add comments to individual photographs, and cycle through the photos with your mouse or arrow keys on your keyboard.

Here are a few of the astro photos I took in June 2017 at the International Car Forest of the Last Church in Goldfield, Nevada. Several of these photos appear out of focus. They actually aren’t. The exposure time was a little too long, which, with the earth’s rotation, causes the starts to exhibit trails rather than be distinct points of light. It’s these small star trails that makes the photos look blurry.

Here are a few of the photos I took in Rhyolite, NV in September 2017. I took ten (10) photos for each shot. I then imported each batch of ten (10) photos into Deep Sky Stacker. Deep Sky Stacker evaluated each image, stacked and aligned them, and output a TIF image. Finally, I reimported the photos back into Lightroom and made my final processing adjustments before exporting them as Jpegs.

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